Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

No, you do not need a referral if you are a private patient. You may already have one from your GP or other health professional, however you may also self refer.
If you have a workers compensation claim, a motor vehicle insurance claim, or are seeking treatment under Medicare, then it is essential to have a referral from your doctor when making an appointment with us

How can I make a booking?
You can book directly online, or give us a ring and we’ll be happy to find a time suitable for you to come in.
What should I wear if I'm having a soft tissue therapy appointment?

Treatment is over clothing so please arrive in clothes that you feel comfortable in. This can be what you have had on for work during the day, clothes you exercise in, or casual gear. It is not suitable to wear thick material for any soft tissue therapy appointments as this may make it difficult for your therapist to treat you effectively. Ideally, your clothing is best kept to thin material that your therapist can treat over.
In the instance where your therapist needs to look at important body landmarks during treatment (eg. important scars from surgery), if you need to remove any outer clothing, your privacy and modesty is respected at all times and we will provide towels to cover you appropriately while receiving treatment.

How often do I need to attend appointments?

This is completely individual for each patient and your Occupational Therapist will discuss with you their recommendation to assist your recovery

Is it OK to be seeing other health professionals such as a chiropractor, or physiotherapist, at the same time I receive soft tissue therapy or hand therapy at Back 2 Body?

Yes absolutely, if you are already seeing another health professional relating to your problem and are getting results, often the combination of therapies together can provide the best results for recovery. We can provide written progress updates to your other health professionals, or GP/medical specialist, at your request.

What should I do after a soft tissue therapy session?

You need to drink plenty of fluids after these sessions as there is a release of waste products and toxins from your muscles during treatment. This may leave you feeling dehydrated, fatigued and washed-out if you don’t drink enough water. You can resume all normal daily activity after your appointment.

Is it normal to feel sore after a soft tissue treatment?

It’s perfectly normal to experience mild superficial tenderness over the muscles that have been treated, which should last only a day or two. This tenderness should not interfere with your daily activity, and will disappear rapidly.

How do I care for my custom made thermoplastic splints?

If you’ve had a thermoplastic splint provided for your hand, wrist, or elbow, you may get them wet as they’re completely waterproof, and it’s recommended to wash them in soapy water daily and dry them off with a towel to keep them hygienic. These thermoplastic splints begin to soften/melt at 60 degrees celsius, so it’s important to avoid exposing them near hot appliances such as kitchen stoves, heaters, and hairdryers. If your OT has permitted you to remove your splint, do not leave them behind in the car as the heat can soften the material. For any repairs to thermoplastic splints, please make an appointment as your OT is happy to help!

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All treatment sessions are eligible for rebates from your private health fund with Occupational Therapy cover. Enquire with your private health fund for specific rebate amounts.


$100/45 Mins
  • This includes a thorough assessment, and hands-on treatment.


$45/15 Mins
  • Suitable for a maintenance treatment of an isolated problematic area.


$100/45 Mins
  • Allows your practitioner extra time to provide a more thorough treatment.